Virtual & Interior Design

With our virtual and interior design (VID) services, our clients can see their projects come to life in vivid and realistic 3d.  Utilizing the latest in architectural design, 3d modeling, and 3d photographic software and equipment, we can capture project information in various formats.  We also can create fully dimensioned interior floor plans from actual field dimensions in as little as one day.  Combining these services with our real-time detailed cost estimates and critical path method schedules, our clients are able to “see it before they build it,” and more importantly, not spend any money in the process.

Our VID services include:

3d photography:  Utilizing a 3d camera and 3d stitching software, we can easily create a 3d photo tour within a day or two of the photo shoot.  The 3d tour navigation is like Google Earth, but indoors. 

Here’s an example of one our project tours.

In addition, we can create multiple renderings of the space from different perspectives and stitch them together to create a 3d virtual tour.  Much like the 3d photo tour described above, the 3d virtual tour allows navigation throughout the space.

Mt. Miguel

Scott Commerce Center

Working with the client, we can develop interior plans, space plans, partition plans, and other preliminary design documents to assist with visualizing the space and selecting finishes to be incorporated into the final project documents. Below is a project we completed for the City of Palm Springs in which we were selected as their interior designer for the forthcoming remodel of the main conference at the city hall building. See the full project here.
A sign that says palm springs and the name of the resort.

CAD design, as-builts and design assist:  

Utilizing the latest CAD software, we can create detailed and dimensioned as-builts in CAD.  We can also assist architects and other design consultants to develop drawings and provide design assistance if the design team is not local.  Lastly, there are unlimited possibilities to the types of drawings we can create that can be used as lease exhibits, construction drawings for non-permitted projects and subcontractor bid documents.